SKTQ-90200 CNC Ceramic plate cutting machine
SKTQ-90200 CNC Ceramic plate cutting machine
SKTQ-90200 CNC Ceramic plate cutting machine
SKTQ-90200 CNC Ceramic plate cutting machine


SKTQ-90200 CNC Ceramic plate cutting machine

Equipment Parameters

Working length: 600-2000mm

Working width: 250-900
Working thickness: 18-120mm

Approximate overall dimensions (length x width x height/mm): 3000x3116x2000

Equipment Introduction

It is conveyed by a special composite flat belt for 7+6 cutting, and the wheel reducer is frequency-converted to adjust the speed, and the installed power is 1.5Kw.
The conveying speed is 1.5-4.5M/min. The belt conveyor has an anti-deviation (sidewall) structure design and is equipped with a belt tensioning structure.
The entrance of the bricks is equipped with a signal pressure wheel device. During the process of bricks, when the communication pressure wheel touches the bricks, a signal is given, and the pneumatic brick block starts to work to block the bricks neatly.
There is an infrared detector device on the machine, which uses infrared to guide the cutting head to work.
A water pipe sprinkler is installed before cutting.
The gantry is used to straddle the equipment, and the sawing head is installed on the gantry.
The whole machine adopts digital size adjustment and correction, making it convenient and quick to convert specifications.
The circular saw cutting assembly adopts electric lifting, and the lifting motor power is 0.55Kw. Electric translation, the translation uses an encoder to precisely control the dimensional accuracy. The cutting head uses a grinding head motor with a motor power of 11Kw.
The cutter head translation mechanism adopts a slider with a ball screw mechanism, the guide rail is precisely guided, and the power is 0.55Kw.
The outer diameter of the cutting saw blade is 550mm.
After cutting, the brick is equipped with a water pipe flushing device to wash off the surface residue.

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